MBBS In China – Internationally Recognised

Zhejiang , Fudan, Wuhan , Szechuan University are the top 8 ranking universities in China; and top 250 ranking universities in the world.(Times Ranking)The universities offers MBBS in the English medium. These universities are one of the 30 universities in China approved toenrol international students in the English taught undergraduate program in medicine.In addition, Singapore's Medical Council recognizes the medical program of these universities; if the students go to USA, UK, Australia and NZ for residency or training as a specialist. (Another 3 years (minimum) after completion of the 6 years MBBS in these China universities.During the residency, you are paid around US$50,000 a year.However, please note that you have to pass examinations before you can take up residency in the country - USMLE for USA, AMC for Australia, PLAB for UK, NZREX for NZ etc.

The course duration for MBBS is 5 years theory and practical laboratory practises , followed by one year of clinical and hospital attachment.

(Total : 6 years)

The tuition fees at these universities range from US$5500 - US$9000 a year.

Accommodation ranges from US$800 to US$3000 a year.

Food and pocket expenses range from US$200 to US$400 a month.

(Food costs RMB 15 a day or US$2 a day.)

International Student Management fee: RMB 13,500 or US$2000 (One time payment in the first year only)

For Admission and  other details call/whatsapp  :  919435247516 , 918638993859.